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"It is the bitter fruit of modern society, despite the many advances in its various sectors.Not only is it an exclusion from the world of work, considered one of the harshest consequences of neoliberal capitalism, through the phenomenon of unemployment, but also the exclusion of other basic goods: health, education, food, housing, land, leisure etc. It is that of human dignity, creating a huge mass of disposable, non-nothing. "
The Brazilian constitution guarantees us the right to housing, health, safety, education, life etc.. However it is not what we see. It is estimated that thousands of people live on less than $ 1 per day. In Brazil today 40 million excluded, 20 million were integrated into society, after the Lula government. Statistics show that production in Brazil is produced three times more than what they actually consume. Only 200 or 300 people are masters of all wealth produced in the world.
This is approximately 6 billion and 200 million, are part of the exploited population. Operated exploiting the others within an alienated view of things which objectifies people. And who are those responsible for social exclusion? Only capitalism? Be possible to combine social justice with capitalism? No. We are greatly responsible for every human being who goes hungry or do not have housing, health, who can not enter the labor market. Your malformation is a variable that eliminates any selection process, even to relate to society as a citizen.
According Demo, capitalism is domesticable maximum. We can not tame, because it is one viable capitalism that favors the capital or the ratio of the market, but we can civilize, dependent on its effect on citizenship.For Marx it is not possible to combine social justice, since the basic principle of capitalism is accumulation of goods through the direct or indirect.
It is then when I say that the responsibility is ours. Are we elect politicians to claim our rights as citizens. Hoping that they develop an education project efficiently, social inclusion, health and housing. But what happens is just an politics for profit, with benefits for their own benefit.We are a large tangle of people who depend on each other. Each one of us through our criticality, solidarity, social responsibility and commitment to reduce social inequality.

Anne Araujo. ®
(Completion of a Critical Sociology of work in the 3rd period, no copy!)
;)It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but rather it is their social being that determines their consciousness.
Karl Marx

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